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Serving Greenville County since 2014, Transforming Speech, LLC is committed to providing professional and effective speech, language, and feeding services to support children in their early development and beyond. We believe in transforming lives through education, quality care, and compassion! As of December 2020, we are now serving the metro Atlanta area! Contact us today for your FREE speech, language, and feeding screening!


Services We Provide

Speech, language, and feeding services in the natural environment

Transforming Speech, LLC has provided Greenville County with quality and comprehensive speech, language, and feeding services since 2014.  We provide services in the natural environment, including homes, preschools, and daycares, in addition to our services provided through virtual platforms. To ensure a family and team-centered approach is at the forefront of our services, we work in tandem with caregivers, teachers, pediatricians, early interventionists, physical therapists, and occupational therapists to treat with the whole-child in mind!

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Speech and Language Therapy

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Feeding Therapy

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Teletherapy Services


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